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When it comes to equipment, we have spared no expense to bring our customers the best of the best. From precision single point seat cutting to extremely accurate 'touch-probe' digitizing and porting technology, no one in the industry can boast a CNC collection quite like ours!

With the support of some of the most qualified personnel in the world, our machines can put out phenomenal work in staggeringly short times; allowing us to provide our customers with unrivaled quality at a price that doesn't require a second mortgage to afford!

Machining Equipment

Newen Contour-BB

This single-point, CNC valve seat cutter is one of the most capable seat-cutting machine available on the market today. Single-point seat cutting is the only way to ensure you get the perfect fit and perfect seal EVERY time. With an accuracy of less than .00012" (3 microns) this machine offers a 100% customizable seat profile to give you the absolute maximum power and flow from your cylinder head. Single angle? 3 angle? 5 Angle? Contours/Radii? We can do it all with this gem. No chatter, no leaks, no problems!


The first CNC Machining Center at Xtreme Cylinder Heads; This machine features 5 live axis with integrated CAD software that controls everything simultaneously. It excels at high-speed, high-accuracy port work that puts all other porting machines to shame. Capable of machining a port to completion in just minutes, the capabilities of this machine are accentuated by the oil-cooled 12 horsepower spindle capable of turning 15,000 RPM. This machine creates a surface so precise that it doesn't even require hand-finishing!


Meet the 'Work-Horse'; With a super-rigid 3 axis design and 24 location automatic tool changer this machine was built to machine large amounts of material in a short amount of time with incredible accuracy. Whether it's machining brand new cylinder heads from a raw casting, making custom, one-off billet parts, or engraving parts to give them that 'extra something,' this machine will do it all while making use of its 600 IPM (inch per minute) rapid feeds and high-torque, 5,000 RPM spindle.


The newest addition to the team; This machine combines the best of the P69 and F69ATC. With a high-torque, oil-cooled, 18 horsepower motor and a braking 5th axis, this machine is not only rigid enough to do heavy machine work, but is also capable of live 5 axis porting at up to 10,000 RPM. With accuracy measured in microns and speeds up to 600 IPM, the 'HD' pushes Xtreme over the top as one of the PREMIER cylinder head shops in the world!


All of our machining centers are equipped with state of the art digitizing capabilities. Utilizing Renishaw Bluetooth probes, the integrated CAD/CAM software allows these machines to copy hand-ground or CNC port designs with unrivaled accuracy to create the perfect CNC port every time! Whether you have a port design you have been working on for years, or you utilize our skills with a grinder and SuperFlow flow-bench, our digitizing capabilities ensure that you will receive the results you want with quality no one can match!

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